May 19, 2012

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday all, the sun is shining and I am off to the city with my mum.

We are going to High tea at The Tea Room in the QVB (late Mother's Day present, could not reserve a table last week)  followed by shopping. I am so excited, can't wait!

I think I will have to try and fit in a jog before I consume a high number of calories : )

Enjoy your day xo

May 12, 2012

Bavarian Bier Cafe, Sydney

Earlier this evening after a busy day spent doing Saturday chores I headed into the city. I arrived at five so I only had time to do some brief window shopping before heading to the Bavarian Bier Cafe for an early dinner.

 There are two Bavarian Bier Cafes in Sydney CBD, one on York St the other on O'Connell St. I visited the one on O'Connell St.

The venue wasn't too busy which possibly was due to our early arrival (around six) and the location, it is the only restaurant on O'Connell St which is a quiet street outside of business hours.

On arrival we were told that this month is Pure Bier Fest month, we ordered the two recommended beers and pretzels.

The Entertainment book voucher entitles one complimentary main course when another main course of equal or greater value is purchased. My husband ordered the Munchner Brauhaus Platter which contained chicken schnitzel, pork belly, various sausages, red cabbage and sauerkraut and I ordered the Pork knuckle with mash and sauerkraut.

The meals were generous in size and extremely tasty. By the end of the meal we were both stuffed however we managed to polish off the majority of our meals. Overall I would rate the Bavarian Bier Cafe a 3.5 out of 5, the food was good and reasonably priced mains range from $23.00 to $37.50, the service was friendly and the venue was nice.
Munchner Brauhaus Platter
Pork knuckle, mash and sauerkraut

May 3, 2012

Betty Crockers - Whoopie Pies!

Earlier this week whilst in Coles picking up that one item that I desperately needed only to be distracted by the cheap and nasty junk food that is always on special I came across a half price item - Betty Crocker Whoopie Pies!! What?? I have heard of Whoopie pies however being extremely unfamiliar of what I assume is an American sweet I could not contain my excitement and had to grab a box, after all who could resist a $2.49 box of what looks like two chocolate cookies bound by vanilla cream!

I rarely buy cake mixes but figured the Whoopie pies should be easy enough to make if they are in a box, so tonight after a day at work, heading to the gym, then the supermarket, then back home to cook dinner and tidy the house I managed to make a batch of Whoopie Pies.

Making the pies was easy thanks to the main ingredients being pre-mixed, the hardest job was pulling the electric mixer out and figuring out how to get the lid on and off without jamming the lock!

I ended up being half a whoopie pie short which could have been avoided if the tablespoons of batter I placed on the trays were uniform.

With the whoopie pies in the oven and rapidly growing it was time for the vanilla filling, the steps state 'to mix until very thick and doubled in volume' I'm not too sure if it was my eyes (maybe I wasn't wearing my glasses) or the mixture but it appeared to be very thick however not doubled in volume, being impatient I thought it was good enough to use. Surprisingly there was enough filling however the filling didn't seem so thick.
Chocolate Whoopie pies

Once sandwiched together the final test was to taste the mysterious whoopie pie. My verdict was wow, tastes like a chocolate muffin with a slightly crunchy top and soft centre with a sweet filling. Out of ten I would rate my Whoopie pie a seven, which I think is fantastic for a first attempt. Next time I will try baking the Whoopie pies from scratch and will ensure the filling is a lot thicker!

May 1, 2012

Entertainment Book - Sydney Greater West

Pros: Fantastic discounts, opportunities for charities/fund raising organisations selling the book, a large range of restaurants, attractions, hotels etc

Cons: Costs approx $65 - but is well worth it!

If you are like me and love a bargain you would love the Entertainment book. I have previously purchased the Sydney and the Canberra Entertainment book and have saved $$$ however this year I aim to save $$$$ using the Sydney Greater West Entertainment book.

Over the next 12 months I will be placing posts on the vouchers I use.

I purchased my book from the Social club at my work two and a half weeks ago, surprisingly there were vouchers for several wineries at the Hunter Valley which was were I was headed for the weekend.

I ended up visiting the Tamburlaine winery which produces organic wines. The voucher entitled me to 25% off the regular price of any cellar door wine purchase. My husband and I bought 1 red and 2 white wines, regrettably we should have bought more however we were told by the person who served us that we can keep the voucher for the next time we visit which was lovely! We definitely will go back as 1. The service was good and 2. The wine tasted fantastic.

Tamburaline Winery we will see you the next time we are in the Hunter!