June 20, 2012


Happy Wednesday, well what is left of it, only two working days left for those of us who work Monday to Friday.

The week has been flying, this weekend I am going to The Block Expo at Homebush and The Good Food and Wine Expo at Darling Harbour, I can't wait!

Yesterday I was browsing boohoo.com website as my work offers 7% cashback on all purchases through an advantage program.

I am loving the low prices, believe it or not I have never purchased any clothes online as I am scared the items won't turn up, the post office closes before I arrive home and I am worried the items won't fit or will look silly - I love change rooms!

I love the Sundae Girl collection - http://www.boohoo.com/collections/sundae-girl/icat/sundae-girl/

Followed by Garden Party - http://www.boohoo.com/collections/garden-party/icat/garden-party/

I hope the quality of the material used is okay, if anyone has ordered items from boohoo your feedback would be greatly appreciated!