June 10, 2012

Casa di Nico, King St Wharf

Last night I celebrated my birthday with my friends at Casa di Nico. Casa di Nico is an Italian restaurant located along the King St Wharf promenade in Sydney. It is a part of the Nicks seafood group.

The trip into the city was a nightmare, our reservation was at 8pm we didn't arrive till 9:15 pm. The shuttle bus broke down a few houses down from my home luckily the battery was able to be jump started. Once we were over the harbour bridge we hit traffic, the streets were packed, I have not seen so much traffic on a Saturday night, I assume the long weekend, fortnightly fireworks and Sydney Vivid festival was the reason for so much traffic.

Casa di Nico entertainment book voucher offers you and your guests 25% off the total bill up to $45 value.

Following the large meal I ate on Friday night I controlled myself and did not over order.

To begin with I ordered a brushetta. I would rate the brushetta a 6/10, unfortunately the brushetta lacked olive oil.

Luckily my main was better I ordered the roasted snapper fillet almond crusted with wood roasted capsicum and tomato mash. The snapper was nice however the winner was the mash it was fantastic. I almost didn't order the snapper as I didn't like the sound of tomato mash. I am so glad I ordered it, I would love to find a recipe to create the same mash at home.

Once again I was full however I controlled myself and only ordered fruit for desert. The fruit plate consisted of strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, kiwi fruit and grapes - nice fresh and healthy!

The overall experience was a 7/10, the company was great, our waitress was very friendly and recommended two great wines - Baby Doll (white) and the Cockle Bay cab merlot. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, the octupus entree which a couple of friends ordered looked good and the tiramisu which  I tried was very nice.

Roasted snapper sitting on wood fire capsicum and tomato mash.