June 11, 2012

Rainy Day

Today I spent the Queen's Birthday public holiday in the city, the weather has been shocking, I don't think it has stopped raining since midday yesterday. Gum boots seemed to be the footwear of choice, after walking around in wet flats I am considering buying a pair of gumboots.

Pitt St Mall was buzzing with mid year sales, unfortunately the jacket that I want to buy from Marcs (see previous post) is still full price, it looks like I have to wait till they have a sale on their full priced items : (

The only item I purchased today was a skirt from Forever New. The skirt was reduced to $50 with a further 40% off, bargain!

Skirt from Forever New
Current reduced sales that are worth a mention are:

Jigsaw - 40% off all sales items.
Portmans - 30% off reduced items.
Cue - 20% off reduced items.
Forever new - 40% off reduced items.

For lunch I went to Makanai for sushi, the sushi was nice, however I have tasted better sushi.

As a little treat I bought two chocolates from Bon Bons Fine Chocolates, the chocolates were amazing, milk chocolate with caramel ganache and a hint of chilli and dark chocolate with a raspberry filling, yum!