August 19, 2012

I have joined Weight Watchers!

Hi lovelies I hope you have had a great weekend mine has been good.

After being inspired by a friend who has lost weight and looks amazing I have joined Weight Watchers. My goal is to lose 7kg before I go to Thailand in October.

I have been allocated 26 points per day which can be hard to stick to if you choose not to follow the 7 day meal plan, as I am not sticking to the meal plan I have to ensure I have all the ingredients and time to prepare each meal and that I don't go over the 26 points (luckily there are pro points which are extra points if you go over your daily limits or if you want to save them for dining out).

Leading up to the weekend I was slightly scared as my weekends are usually spent eating and drinking too much. Surprisingly I did fine when I went to the movies on Friday night I was able to have a coffee and 8 Mars pods which was achieved through a lunch and dinner containing little points, on Saturday night I was able to eat out at a Japanese resteraunt and have a vodka, lime and soda achieved by dipping into my pro points and today I had lunch at my local shopping centre food court, two rice paper rolls.

There are many delicious Weight Watchers recipes, so far I have cooked a Japanese soba fish noodle soup and tonight I cooked Chicken chasseur with potato mash, which have both been delicious.

Preparing the Chicken Chasseur
Chicken Chasseur in a casserole dish
Ready to eat!
To date I have been happy with Weight Watchers, yesterday I attended my first meeting where I weighed in followed by a informative session. In the past 5 days I have lost 1.5kg, I will  be sure to keep you posted with my progress.

Fizzy-Pink-Lemonade xo