September 1, 2012

Entertaining whilst on Weight Watchers

Week 3 of Weight watchers and so far so good, this morning I attended my third meeting/weigh in. Unfortunately I didn't lose any weight this week on the weight watchers scales (my home scales showed a loss), however I didn't gain any weight either. I blame my plateau on a lack of exercise this week due to a strained hamstring.

My version of tiramisu
I love to entertain, last Sunday and today I had guests over for lunch and tomorrow I have my family coming over for brunch. Entertaining whilst on Weight watchers can be challenging, having to plan what to serve based on points and ingredients has been the biggest challenge, luckily Weight watchers has many fantastic recipes.

Twice I have served Caramalised onion and cheese tarts (see below picture). I have also served mini pork rissoles, fruity sangria and my own version of tiramisu. Last week I attempted the Baileys mousse recipe, after numerous dirty bowls, cooking utensils and a messy kitchen I decided to give up as all I had produced was a frothy watery baileys concoction.

Caramalised onion and cheese tarts
Tomorrow I am going to make blueberry pancakes, breakfast trifle and the classic bacon, eggs, mushrooms and toast! Can't wait, I am sure I will be dipping into my extra pro points : )