September 26, 2012

Sydney Bar Week

On Sunday a friend and I spent the beautiful sunny afternoon in the city. Earlier that week we had purchased $12 tickets from groupon to attend a mysterious drinks fest!

As we made our way to the Overseas Passenger terminal at The Rocks we stopped by at the Royal Copenhagen ice cream store for an ice cream. It didn't take long to reach the terminal, we quickly walked through the Bunderberg rum stall, sampled a cocktail mixed with various bundy spirits and joined the line to enter the venue.
Happy smile as we enter venue!

As soon as we entered the venue our faces lit up! Various stalls showcasing alcohol beverages were infront of our eyes, many advertising $5 cocktails!

The first stall we stopped at was a vodka stall selling vodka made from grapes, we tried a shot, the vodka was smooth and for the bargain price 4 bottles for $30 we could not resist! Next we tried another vodka with a fancy name and a good looking guy making drinks, we couldn't resist sampling the pomegrante vodka cocktail!

The rest of the afternoon continued with more sampling, the most interesting stall of the day was the whiskey and bourbon stall, we sample a shot of whiskey, a shot of pickle juice followed by consumption of a pickle. Yes I know it sounds disgusting but it wasn't it was fantastic and for some strange reason I have been craving pickles ever since haha!

Sampling the pickle
The Vok stall was very generous, they made us a beautiful drink with a shot of chocolate liquor, rum and brown curacao, it was delicious! I can't wait to create the same drink at home I just need some rum and brown curacao!

I loved the look of The St Germain stall it was very Parisian , we ordered the St Germain cocktail made from champagne, St Germain and sparkling water, very refreshing!

St Germain stall - very pretty!
After plenty of sampling we decided to soak up the city in the garden bar, unfortunately the organisers decided to end the night early and at 6:30pm everyone was ushered out : (

Garden bar
 Overall the Drinks Fest was great, the venue was perfect and the stalls were great the only downsider was the session finishing 1 hour early. I hope it will be back next year as we will be sure to return with more friends!