January 29, 2013

Saigon Hill, Castle Hill

Along Terminus Avenue Castle Hill you will find a number of restaurants. Though many look dated there are some great restaurants serving up good, inexpensive food, Saigon Hill is one of these restaurants.

Arriving just before 8pm on Friday to a half full room my husband and I were able to secure a table without a booking.

Feeling like a healthy fresh meal to start we ordered prawn and pork rice paper rolls followed by a duck curry, tamarind salmon stir fry and boiled rice.

We were satisfied with our meals, the rice paper rolls were nice and fresh, the duck meat was delicious and the salmon was fantastic, the only thing I could fault was the chilli in the duck curry which I guess I have to expect in a curry.

Service is good the staff are polite and the meals are served within a reasonable timeframe, the meals are well priced, most dishes are under $20 and if you wish to bring a bottle of wine the restaurant is BYO. If you have an entertainment book you will find a 25% voucher.

Overall I rate Saigon Hill 7.5/10, if you are in the area you should give it a try!

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