May 18, 2013

Jamie's Italian, Sydney

Earlier this week I attended a seminar in the city. I haven't worked in the city for years so any trip  into the city these days is always exciting, especially mid week when I know the wait for a table at Jamie's Italian isn't too long if you arrive early enough.

Arriving around 5:30 pm we only had to wait ten minutes for a table which was an improvement from the mid week one hour wait last year.

The door staff were very friendly. After our short wait we were seated and placed our drinks order. Shortly later we placed our food order. To start we ordered the Crispy stuffed risotto balls to share.

Risotto balls and dipping sauce
The risotto balls were stuffed with mozarella and mushroom and were accompanied with a tomato dipping sauce. We were grateful for the dipping sauce as the risotto balls alone seemed to lack flavour.

For main I ordered Jool's favourite Sicilian tuna fusilli, I was not disappointed it was fantastic! The portion size was perfect. Sitting on top of the pasta was a spoon of crunchy breadcrumbs which worked well with the pasta. The tuna fusilli was full of flavour and crunch, I couldn't stop thinking about it the next day!

Jool's tuna fusilli
I tried a mouthful of the Game meatball with a little polenta, the mouthful was nice however given I tried such a small amount I can't comment on the overall dish.

Game meatball
We ordered the sorbet for dessert, which contained three flavours. I can only remember two of the flavours lemon and passionfruit. The passionfruit sorbet was interesting as it seemed to be infused with chilli.

Overall despite not being overjoyed with the risotto balls I enjoyed my meal and will be back to try other dishes on the menu. If you haven't been to Jamie's I recommend you give it a try, the dishes aren't expensive and the sample of complimentary breads is an added bonus. 

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