July 27, 2014

Afternoon tea - Superhero week fundraiser


Yesterday I hosted an afternoon tea to help raise money for Superhero week.

Superhero week is an annual fundraiser which raises much need funds for Bear cottage a children's hospice in Manly.

After a wet, miserable morning the sun came out around lunch time which was perfect as the afternoon tea was to be held outside.

Table setting - Royal Albert tea set courtesy of my mother

Just like a high tea there were three courses, bubbly and tea. There was also a game of trivia which brought out some guests competitive nature. Overall we raised just under $400 for Bear cottage.


First course:
Cranberry, Swiss cheese, turkey and avocado finger sandwiches
Seeded mustard, roast beef, cucumber and mayonnaise finger sandwiches
Egg and lettuce finger sandwiches
Capsicum pesto, cheese and chicken pinwheels
Pumpkin and mushroom mini quiches

Second course:
Scones with Chantilly cream and strawberry jam

Third course:
Mini panna cotta
Vanilla/choc chip slice
Carrot cake
Viennese biscuits
Chocolate roly poly

Yellowglen sparkling rose
Brown brothers moscato
Earl grey tea
T2 Gorgeous Geisha green tea
Sparkling water

Afternoon tea trivia

  1. Which country did tea originate? China
  2. Name the four varieties of tea? White, green, oolong, black.
  3. How many courses are usually served at high tea? Three
  4. Where is bear cottage located? Manly
  5. Who visited bear cottage earlier this year? Prince William and Princess Catherine.
  6. Name as many brand teas as you can. Lipton, Twinings, Dilmah, T2, Tetley, Bushells, Nerada, Tea Tonic
  7. It has been claimed that green tea can? Aid in weight loss.
  8. When preparing a batch of scones what do you mix the dough with? A knife
  9. Where is most of the worlds tea grown? India
  10. What sort of tea is usually served in Chinese restaurants? Jasmine
 Note: Answers may not be 100% accurate.