August 29, 2014

Domayne Castle Hill VIP night

Display inside Domayne

Every once in awhile I receive an invitation from Domayne to attend a night of exclusive sales. In the past I haven't thought far enough to RSVP however this time round with a bedroom suite in mind, drinks, canapés and a styling session by Steve Cordony and Tanya Buchanan from Belle magazine I had to say yes.

The event was held last night. The store was buzzing, a red carpet, bright lights and waiters with drinks were placed at the entrance. Inside the store was a three piece band, canapés and storewide discounts.

The styling session started at seven pm, it was amazing to see the transformation Steve and Tanya made to a living space by using various furnishings, if only I had the space to add a few more items to my living room.

The living space

The living space furnished

Once the session was over I roamed around the store making note of a few 'I wish' items whilst nibbling on various canapés that were floating around the room. Paul Jurd the guest chef was placed at the front of the store whipping up some easy to prepare appetisers and desserts which were available to sample. 

Easy desert using a sponge cake, mascarpone, strawberries, icing sugar and chocolate.
With 30% off bedroom furniture my husband and I bit the bullet and ordered the the Milton bedroom suite we have had our eyes on for sometime.

Milton bedroom suite display

With the chance to win back 50% of our order we stayed for the draw. We didn't win the main prize or the second or third prize either. Overall it was an enjoyable evening, the food, drinks and discounts were fantastic, I will be sure to RSVP in the future.