September 1, 2014

The yeeros shop, Marrickville

I was first introduce the yeeros in Santorini in 2007. I was holidaying with friends and my now husband who at the time had recently proposed, it was a happy time so naturally the word yeeros brings a smile to my face.

For those who aren't familiar with the yeeros it is a moreish warm soft pita wrap filled with charcoal meat and garlic sauce. Just like a kebab it can be messy and one may find sauce dripping down their hands as they savour the moment.

Fast forward seven years a sunny Sunday a flashback of an episode of Food Safari and being within close proximity to Marrickville I find myself outside The Yeeros Shop.

The shop isn't anything special, I start to panic is this the home of the best yerros in Sydney? Minutes later with a plate of odd looking chips and a lamb yeeros in my hands I take a bite, my mind begins to relax yes I think I have found the right place.