September 24, 2014

Wholeberry Folk banana split cupcakes


Last week in my September Red pawpaw box I received a box of Wholeberry Folk banana split cupcake mix.

To be honest at first I was a little taken back by the amount of detail on the front, back and sides of the box (see below) but with mothers group on today which always means a plate of treats I thought I would use the opportunity to bake these mysterious cupcakes promising to contain less sugar, spelt rather than wheat flour and banana frosting made with real bananas.

Inside the box were two sachets, one containing the cupcake mix and another for the frosting.

The steps to make the batter was straight forward, once all additional ingredients had been added and mixed I had enough batter to half fill twelve patty cases.

Seventeen minutes later which passed by quickly, I used the time to make the frosting I took the cupcakes out of the oven. To my amazement the cupcakes looked perfect, not only did they not require additional baking time which often is the case but they looked moist inside and crunchy on the outside. Perhaps it was the spelt.

After some cooling time I spread the frosting and sampled a cupcake. The cupcake was good, compared to other cupcake mixes the cupcake was light, fluffy and not too sweet. The frosting made from real bananas tasted like surprise surprise, banana, it was nice to eat a cupcake free from artificial colours and flavours.

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