October 22, 2014

Jamie's Kitchen, Canberra

Selection of Italian bread
Being a past Canberrian I have a soft spot for Canberra and will come to its defence whenever it's mocked for being boring.

Besides being a clean, safe city, which has a beautiful lake, lots of mountains, roundabouts and additional public holidays that we don't get in New South Wales it also has plenty of restaurants.

After a brief visit on Friday night I was glad to see my last point still remains true. It had been some time since my last visit and I must say I was slightly envious of the increased choice of trendy looking restaurants and bars that weren't around when I lived there.

To top the restaurants and bars is Jamie's Kitchen just outside Canberra Centre. Unlike Jamie's Kitchen in Sydney where I always have to wait for a table we got a table for two plus a bulky pram immediately, even better the table was inside as our jackets warm enough for a spring evening in Sydney weren't warm enough for a spring Canberrian night.

The staff were extremely friendly and helpful but not over the top. To start we ordered the Italian bread selection, crispy squid, baked mushrooms and a bottle of Jamie's Vino Frizzante. The squid was perfect. The baked mushrooms covered in cheese which sat on top of a crispy shell was tasty and reminded me of a homemade pizza.

Crispy squid and baked mushrooms
For our mains surprise surprise I ordered a pasta dish. My husband being a big fan of meat ordered the Osco buco. The Osco buco was tender. My lamb and ricotta tortellini was nice. At first sight I thought they mixed up my order of a large pasta with a small one as there didn't seem to be much tortellini on my plate however as I struggled to finish it I knew the problem was my eyes being bigger than my stomach.

Osco Buco
Lamb tortellini with ricotta
For desert we ordered a Pavolva with berries and dark chocolate, it was delicious, the elements worked well together.

Pavlova with berries and dark chocolate
Like usual Jamie's Kitchen didn't disappoint and undoubtedly we will be back.