October 14, 2014

Mid week meal planning

Kikki K monthly planner
Two to three months ago meal planning entered my life and I must admit I like it!
Being a novice I haven't yet advanced to the super organised meal planning mum who plans, cooks and freezes a month of meals. Instead I am the mum that concentrates on four to five midweek meals with the hope that I will eat out over the weekend.

To date the positives of meal planning have been a cheaper grocery bill, less trips to the supermarket, minimal food wastage because trust me there isn't much left in the fridge by day four or five, healthier meals that incorporate a good balance of veg, protein and carbs and the occasional gourmet meal followed straight from a recipe.

If you have been thinking of meal planning I suggest you give it a go. To begin it will take some time as you plan what to cook and how much or how little to buy, but once you have got the hang of it you won't regret it.

Using a monthly planner that I bought from Kikki K, I plan meals before I do my weekly grocery shop. For inspiration I often go through my cook books, watch foodie tv shows and yes this is cringe worthy but just like the mum from the movie The Castle I cut recipes out of magazines and paste them into a scrap book!

Here are some meals which often make an appearance on the dinner table:

  •  Steak, sweet potato mash and steamed greens (beans, broccolini)
  •  Vegetarian lasagna
  •  Chicken korma with broccoli, carrot and pumpkin
  •  Chorizo, pumpkin, pea and spinach risotto
  •  Spaghetti with beef mince and finely diced carrot and zuchinni
  •  Grilled salmon, potato chips and mushy peas
  •  Sweet and sour pork belly with capsicium, carrot, onion and rice
  •  Chicken breast, cauliflower mash and grilled asparagus
  •  Honey mustard pork fillets, baked baby potato halves and rocket, cherry tomato, pear salad.
  •  Calamari, rocket, feta and lemon risotto
  •  Creamy spaghetti with zucchini and peas
  •  Mediterranean fish stew with crusty bread
  •  Chicken, avocado, haloumi, cherry tomato and crusty bread salad
  •  Tuna steaks, sliced potatos, onion, tomato and capers, mushy avocado and peas, salsa verde
  •  Thai chicken balls with salad
  •  Beef burgers with the works and potato chips
  •  Calamari with cous cous, lemon, feta, capsicum and greek yoghurt

Tuna steak topped with salsa verde, mushy avocado and peas, grilled potato slices with onion, tomato and capers

Vegetarian lasagna
Beef burger with the works, potato chips with ketchup and mayo

Calamari with cous cous, lemon, feta, capsicum and greek yoghurt

Chicken salad

Mushroom, kale and parmesan risotto

Beef fajitas
T-bone, green salad, potato's and salsa