October 9, 2014

Twenty one pairs of heels!

Style over comfort, a pair of Leona Edmiston that I love!
According to a recent survey conducted by DUO boots the average women owns twenty one pairs of shoes including nine that they don't wear.

This statement doesn't shock me. Twenty one sound like a lot of shoes but if you are like me and can't throw out your dingiest pair of heels or have spent more money on a pair of shoes worth by replacing its soles and heels more than once twenty one pairs can quickly double or triple.

To prove my point after a quick raid of my wardrobe and the linen cupboard, yes that's where I keep most of my shoes, I found over twenty one pairs of heels.

Twenty one pairs of heels
As you can tell by the photo there are a few pairs that probably need to find a new home, being the bin, but with all the memories attached to those shoes how could I! As for the pairs that have only seen light once or twice, they are being saved for the magical day that they will be worn. I wonder how my other heels including my bridal heels which I haven't bothered picking up from my parents place since I moved out of home are going...

The heels I wore whilst I was pregnant - wedges and chunky heels
A pair that are waiting for the magical day that they will be worn
My luxury heels - Jimmy Choo and LV
My bridal heels
If you have a shoe hoarding story that you would like to share please do.