November 18, 2014

Keep it fresh and avoid wastage

Keep it fresh and avoid wastage!

I'm talking about food, more specifically the food we throw away.

Food wastage in Australia is a problem, we dispose of 20% of the food we purchase every year, equating to 1 in every 5 bags of groceries. Why is this? Independent research conducted by GLAD has revealed limited information on how to best store food in the home may be one of the core reasons households are struggling to keep their food fresh.

To combat this issue, GLAD has released 'Keep it Fresh', a free digital guide for every Australian household, to teach Australians how to protect and preserve our fruit and vegetables properly to maximize nutrients, freshness and reduce our waste.

GLAD 'Keep it Fresh' digital guide
I was lucky enough to attend the 'Keep it Fresh' launch held this morning in The Atrium at the Grounds of Alexandria.
The Atrium, The Grounds of Alexandria

Guest speakers included Carly and Tresne from the 2014 season of My Kitchen Rules and International Top chef and restaurateur Angelo Sosa.

Angelo Sosa using GLAD cling wrap
Angelo prepared a nutritious omelette using ingredients that most Australians call scraps and would waste.

Using GLAD products including the new cling which has a 1.5x tighter seal he showed us simple steps to store food keeping it fresher for longer.

Some tips he shared included wrapping fresh herbs in damp paper towel followed by another wrap of GLAD cling wrap, storing and flattening portions of food in GLAD snap lock bags for freezing, allowing faster and even thawing and my favourite placing a whole egg in a snap lock bag with a sprig of rosemary, over a day the egg will absorb the flavour.

So what am I going to do to reduce food wastage in my home? As a starter I will:
  • Collect, store and freeze scraps of vegetables for later use in stocks.
  • Store and freeze left over pasta sauces, tinned tomato's in GLAD snap lock bags.
  • Wrap fresh herbs in damp paper towel and GLAD cling wrap.
GLAD snap lock bags
The 'Keep it Fresh' GLAD digital guide can be downloaded free at

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