January 4, 2015

Beer battered flathead and chips at The Boathouse, Palm Beach

  • Number 5 on The Sunday Telegraphs 100 dishes to die for list

Today I commenced my challenge for the year which is to eat as many dishes as I can from the 100 dishes to die for list compiled by The Sunday Telegraphs food critic Amy Harris.

Not wanting to make the day entirely about food I choose The Boathouse at Palm Beach so that we could go for a swim after lunch.

Upon arrival we were met by a long line, as we moved inside I spotted a couple chairs which I made a beeline for after leaving firm instructions with my husband to order the beer battered flathead and chips, the dish which made number five on the list.

Surprisingly we didn't have to wait long for our order of fish and chips and a bucket of prawns.

The fish and chips were served in a basket, in the basket sat a large handful of chips, three pieces of fish, a paper cup of pulpy tartare sauce and a piece of lemon.

I started with a chip dipped in tartare sauce, the chip had been cooked perfectly it was golden and crunchy on the outside and soft and floury on the inside. The tartare sauce thick and creamy packed a punch, the dill was a great addition.

Moving onto the fish I was met with another crunch the outer layer of beer batter, in the centre was well cooked fish.

At $29 a serve it may seem a little pricey but if you consider the quality of the fish, the perfection of the chips, the effort that has gone into the tartare sauce and the location the price can be easily forgiven.  

All in all it was a tasty dish and a worthy addition to the list.

*The 100 Sydney dishes to die for list was compiled by The Sunday Telegraph food critic Amy Harris and appeared in the Sunday Telegraph on December 28, 2014. My challenge this year is to try as many dishes as I can from the list.