January 25, 2015

My attempt at Donna Hay's ice cream lamington bars

Since seeing Donna Hay's ice cream lamington bars on Instagram I haven't been able to get them off my mind.

So to get into the spirit of Australia Day, I found the recipe, bought the ingredients and followed the steps to make these yummy bars.

As simple as the bars look they weren't so quick or easy to make. To start today's hot weather wasn't ideal for working with ice cream. My impatience was another problem, not allowing the ice cream to set for the recommend time, my bars were uneven and slightly melted.   

Another boo boo was dipping the bars into melted chocolate which hadn't completely cooled. This changed the constistency of the chocolate so much so that by time it came to bar number seven the chocolate was no longer sticking to the bars. 

On the positive side despite the lamington bars not having the neat uniform look that only Donna Hay can achieve, they didn't taste so bad, on first bite I was met with a crunch of thick dark chocolate followed by a mouthful of soft ice cream and shredded coconut.

If you are up for the challenge  I hope you have more patience than me and allow your ice cream to set and chocolate to cool.

Enjoy your Australia Day!

*The recipe can be found on Donna Hay's website.