January 23, 2015

Shopping, Bangin' Burritos and an attempted swim

Happy long weekend to all my Aussie viewers! Today I spent my day on the Central Coast.

Starting with some shopping at Erina Fair I bought a couple of dressy shorts and a jumpsuit.

We than headed to Terrigal for lunch. Feeling like Mexican we ordered a burrito, nacho's and beer from Bangin' Burritos located along the esplanade.

By this stage Gabby had enough of sitting so we headed to the non wavy part of the beach which we thought would be great. Clearly we were wrong, as she felt the sand on her feet we were meet by a blubbery cry. Her reaction to the water was just as bad, with several sympathetic looks from other parents I quickly took her out of the water and tried to calm her down.

What happened to my little girl who use to love the sand and water.......