February 20, 2015

Domayne Relaunch night, Castle Hill

Last night the fizzy pink lemonade household attended Domayne's relaunch night at Castle Hill Homemaker Centre. Having attended the last VIP night we were looking forward to a night of canapes, drinks and shopping. 

Unfortunately arriving a little later than anticipated I missed Deb Bibby ideas on setting a table using textures, hues and silhouettes. I can only hope the table cloth and wooden platter bought throughout the night will work at our next dinner party.

Tying into the theme of entertaining Paul Jurd prepared some easy but stylish looking canapes which require no cooking whatsoever and a delicious duck salad.

His tips on not overcrowding your cheese board and placing a small square of baking paper under your cheese to help preserve your board were quite helpful. I often make the mistake of overcrowding and have never thought to protect the board.

Though it wasn't a night of large purchases it didn't stop me from looking and taking some snaps of some pieces and prints. So reader what do you think of the canvases? Would they suit your home?