March 30, 2015

Breakfast (or brunch) parfait

Trying to eat well can be a challenge when you are a food blogger. I generally try to eat wholesome, healthy food throughout the week to make up for the many indulgents I consume over the weekend.

Since returning to work I have found if I prepare and take healthy snacks with me I'm less likely to be tempted and order the thick slice of  white bread toasted and slathered in peanut butter with my morning coffee or one of the chocolate bars from the fundraising box late afternoon.

Which brings me to the latest snack that I have been enjoying for the past week or so, the breakfast or brunch, depending what time you are eating it, parfait.

Using two Australian made and owned products, Table of Plenty, velvety vanilla toasted and untoasted museli and Jalna pure yoghohurt with coconut, and a few chopped strawberries this is an easy to assemble, yummy and wholesome early morning/mid morning snack!

What I used:

45g Table of Plenty velvety vanilla toasted and untoasted museli
100g Jalna pure youghourt with coconut
4 strawberries

Measurements of each layer (working from the bottom to the top):

Layer 1. 25g of museli
Layer 2. 65g of youghurt.
Layer 3. 20g of museli.
Layer 4. 35g of youghurt.
Layer 5. Chopped strawberries

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