March 6, 2015

The Tuckshop, Glenhaven

'Where it's not the city and you couldn't care less'. You have entered The Tuckshop.

With the decor, vibe and menu one would expect in the hip inner west, locals from the leafy, family suburb of Glenhaven in the Hills district of Sydney have embraced The Tuckshop.

Having set up home for about a year now, it hasn't lost its appeal. Living in one of the surrounding suburbs I must admit today wasn't my first trip to The Tuckshop.

Arriving before midday I couldn't have timed my arrival any better. Not only did I find a spot in the usually busy car park, there was also a few empty seats inside. To top it off they had a high chair (a foreign word in some establishments).

Desperate for a coffee I ordered my usual skim cap with one. Spotting only one doughnut in the display cabinet I made my move to the counter fast, ordering it to go before it disappeared.  Quickly glancing at the menu which has improved in variety I ordered the Panko buttermilk chicken burger with old bay fries, $15.

After a short wait for my coffee, I got down to business. Putting my food blogger hat on I took a few snaps of the coffee and doughnut, now out of it's paper bag, as I tried to divert Gabby's attention away from the phone and items on the table.

In preperation for round two, the burger, I quickly finished my coffee and ensured I had another snack ready for Gabby.

Arriving in a closed cardboard box the burger and fries were hot which was great given the short delay from box to mouth as I took more photos but not so great for my hot chip loving toddler. The fries were plentiful, seasoned they definitely were a few steps up from McDonalds.

Putting aside the burger overhang which visually was surprising, the flavour combination was awesome. The sweetness of the mango chutney and the hint of wasabi worked well. Another surprise to the burger which wasn't mentioned on the menu were the subtle chunks of  pineapple. I was impressed.

See you soon The Tuckshop.

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