March 21, 2015

Thermomix Easter cooking class

Hot cross buns
TM31 and TM5 Thermomix models
Ginger beer - ginger and lemon syrup
Ginger beer - Addition of mineral water
Fruit and nut muesli
Crunchy carrot salad
Honey butter
Hot cross bun dough
Hot cross buns prior to baking
Brown rice, vegetable and tuna salad
Samples to try - Moroccan soup, brown rice salad and crunch carrot salad
Prepared prior -Pepita and chia seed loaf and Vitality truffles
Prepared prior - Zucchini and chocolate loaf
Evening purchase - Quirky cooking Thermomix book
On Thursday night I attended an Easter themed Thermomix cooking class run by a few local consultants. Having attended a Thermomix cooking class in the past I was looking forward to a night of demonstrations, tips and taste testing.

The evening ran for about two hours, during this time the consultants prepared and cooked the below dishes using the TM31 and TM5 Thermomix models:

  • Apple and fig sorbet
  • Ginger beer
  • Fruit and nut museli
  • Hot cross buns
  • Smoked salmon mousse
  • Crunchy carrot salad
  • Brown rice salad
  • Honey butter
  • Spiced Moroccan lentil soup
Using seasonal produce these dishes are perfect for entertianing over the Easter period. The stand out dishes were the apple and fig sorbet, fruit and nut muesli, smoked salmon mousse, honey butter and the hot cross buns which I plan to make closer to Easter.

The apple and fig sorbet had a creamy texture, with the addition of cinnamon and cardomon it tasted a little like an apple pie. The fruit and nut museli (recipe available in The Basic Cookbook) was light and fluffy. The fresh apple, desicated coconut, almonds and dried fruit added a variety of textures and crunch!
The smoked salmon mousse was flavorsome, using onion, dill, capers, lemon, Tabasco sauce, cream cheese, pouring cream and smoked salmon it certainly isn't a dip for those counting their calories.
The class wouldn't have been a class without a few tips. Hints and tips shared between the group included:

  • If a recipe requires raw egg, in lieu of that you can use a piece of meringue.
  • When making sorbet if using frozen fruit omit the ice.
  • For a fancier sorbet rather than using ice cubes, use some frozen coconut milk/cream cubes or champagne cubes.
  • Store your yeast in the fridge or freezer to avoid the yeast becoming inactive.
  • If wanting a slow rise add cold water not warm water to your yeast.
Overall it was an enjoyable night, I left with a full tummy, some recipes to try, tips and a copy of Jo Whitton's Quirky Cooking Thermomix book which I purchased.

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