April 13, 2015

Pulled pork sandwich, Vic's Meat Market

Pulled pork sandwich
Beef brisket sandwich

  • Pulled pork sandwich, number 24 on the Top 100 Sydney dishes to die for list, The Sunday Telegraph Dec 14.
Yesterday after a short break from the challenge (it has been a few busy weeks of eating other food) I tried the delicious pulled pork sandwich from Vic's Meat Market at Sydney Fish Markets.

So what makes it different to the hundreds of other pulled pork sandwiches in Sydney, well one they assemble the sandwich in front of you, two the smoky flavour that other establishments lack and three the reasonable price of $10.

Eager to try other items from the menu I ordered the beef brisket sandwich also $10, smoked chicken wings $8 and a side of slaw $3.

Finger licking good I needed more than one napkin from the holder with the catchy pharse 'wipe the south from your mouth'.

The location may be a little odd being at the fish markets but hey if you don't eat seafood at least you have an alternative and a decent one at that!

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