May 29, 2015

Cadbury Dairy Milk with Vegemite vs Cadbury Dairy Milk Pretzel and Peanut

A lover and daily consumer of chocolate, it was only natural that during my weekly grocery shop last week a block of Cadbury's limited edition Dairy milk with Vegemite and Dairy milk with pretzel and peanut landed in my trolley.

Trying both blocks that evening, I far exceeded my daily dose of chocolate.

Starting with the block of Vegemite I was meet by the familiar and inviting waft of dairy milk chocolate. Hit with a salty note as I bite into the chocolate, the taste of vegemite quickly followed only to be overtaken by a combination of caramel and melted dairy milk chocolate. Feeling satisfied I stopped after a few squares, the taste of vegemite returned and lingered for a short while.

Moving onto the pretzel and peanut block, lighter in colour, this time I was meet by a waft of peanut. With a light crunch coming from the pretzel it took several bites before I reached a piece of peanut, moorish I moved onto another row where I came across a candied salty piece of pretzel and/or nut, it was hard to tell.

Comparing the two for me the winner was the Pretzel and peanut, deliciously moorish, unlike the block of vegemite I would buy it again.

Have you tried the two? Which one do you prefer?

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