May 15, 2015

Kazbah, Balmain - The breakfast tagine, No. 55.

Breakfast tagine - Lamb mince $22.50
  • Breakfast tagine, $22.50, number 55 on the top 100 Sydney dishes to die for list (The Sunday Telegraph, Dec 14).
Last weekend the Fizzy pink lemonade family headed to Kazbah in Balmain to try the breakfast tagine. 
Arriving just before nine am we were the first customers of the day. With the choice to sit anywhere, we choose a table by the front window.

Our waiter was fantastic, giving us a generous amount of time to look at the menu and than taking the time to explain the items along with some suggestions we choose the the lamb mince breakfast tagine, the Bisteeya (a new item on the menu) and scrambled eggs on toast.

Gabby's scrambled eggs arrived first, being a fan of egg she gobbled it down within minutes. I'm sure if she could rate food she would have given them a ten.

Next to arrive was the tagine. Served on a wooden board sat the enclosed tagine, toast, Lebanese bread and a piece of lemon. As the waiter lifted the tagine lid he revealed a colourful combination of  lamb mince, sucuk sausage, spinach, roast capsicum, roasted tomato, feta, caramelised onion and baked eggs.

Ordering a serving for one, the size of the tagine was generous. Containing good quality and tasty ingredients the tagine was full of flavour and spice, I must admit a glass of water was needed.

The Bisteeya, best described as a pie, contained a mixture of prawn, chorizo and kasseri cheese enclosed in layers of filo pastry. Around its outside sat a ring of avocado, labnah and roasted capsicum. Also full of flavour and not so much spice, this dish was delicious!

Overall I went to Kazbah  to try the breakfast tagine. Appealing to the eye, full of flavour and spice I can see why this  iconic dish made the list. However I loved and still am craving the Bisteeya. Perhaps it can be added to the next list.

Kazbah Balmain
379 Darling Street
Balmain, NSW

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