June 22, 2015

Khao Soi, Chat Thai

Khao Soi - Egg noddles and braised chicken in a northern region coconut curry

Khao mok gai - Chicken and rice braised in tumeric and five spice with green chilli and garlic sauce
Blended juices - Lychee and Lime.

  • Khao soi (egg noodles and braised chicken in northern region coconut curry), $12.50, number 9 on the top 100 Sydney dishes to die for list (The Sunday Telegraph, Dec 14).
It has been six months since I set myself the challenge to eat as many dishes as I could from the Top 100 Sydney dishes to die for list.

Sadly I haven't tried as many as I would have liked to, but to date have enjoyed them all, particularly the dishes I wouldn't have previously considered, such as Chat Thai's Khao Soi, noodles and braised chicken in a coconut curry.

Making number nine on the list, I was a little nervous as I ordered it for lunch a few weeks ago. Would it be too spicy? Was it going to be messy to eat? Were a couple of the thoughts running thru my head as I waited for it to arrive.

Arriving in a bowl with a serve of lime and dish of smoked chilli oil, visually it looked appealing. With plump juicy chicken pieces, egg noodles, herbs and crisp onion chips sitting in a coconut curry soup I was looking forward to getting it into my belly.

Adding a tad  too much chilli oil turned up the heat of the dish, however addictive as it was I couldn't put my chopsticks and spoon down till it was all gone.

Overall it was a good, tasty, casual lunch dish, and at the reasonable price of $12.50 I can see why it made the top ten!

Chat Thai
Level 6, Westfield Sydney
188 Pitt St
Sydney NSW 02 9221 0600