July 3, 2015

Lovers Market, Parramatta

Coconut coffee and The Whisk and Crumb doughnuts
Kayter Co coconut water

Miguel Maestre cooking paella
Alek and Luka

Eatabella - Pork 2 ways and Coconut chicken Banh Mi

One sunny morning + last Saturday of the month + Parramatta = Lovers Market

After weeks of seeing fancy looking coconuts and indulgent doughnuts on Instagram, I couldn't resist any longer and had to head to the Lovers Market held on the last Saturday of each month in Centenary Square, Parramatta.

Visiting the markets with Mr FPL and Gabby, our morning and part of our afternoon was spent eating, watching a cooking demonstration and checking out the stalls.

Our eating adventure started at The Whisk and Crumb. Selling doughnuts topped with naughty treats we opted for two for $10. Choosing one covered in chocolate with a milkway and pod in the centre and another topped with caramel popcorn and salted pretzel held together by chocolate my favourite of the two was the milkway and pod one which was deliciously gooey and chocolately.

To accompany the doughnuts a coffee was needed, spotting a van selling coconut coffee we thought we would give it a try, after all it must be good if there was line. Tasting like coconut, the coffee was good, smooth and not burnt it was a nice change from my regular skim cap.

If coconut coffee wasn't enough we had to try Kayter Co's coconut water. Served from it's shell, the coconut was cracked open than topped with our selected topping of fruit. Gabby was a huge fan, after giving her a sip, I couldn't take the coconut away from her, who thought a nineteen month old would be such a big fan!

Needing a break we watched a cooking demonstration by Miguel Maestre for Moro. Miguel made a giant paella, luckily Mr FPL joined the line early so we were able to sample a small plate of  paella. It was yummy.

Checking out some of the stalls I spotted a stall named Alek and Luka which sold baby blankets, bunting and soft toys. For the bargain price of $10 I bought a cute stuffed giraffe, pictured above.

Ending our little adventure at the Vietnamese food stall Eatabella we ordered a pork two ways and coconut Chicken Banh Mi. A little fancier than the Banh Mi I usually order for lunch they were delicious.

If you are looking for something different, keep the last Saturday of the month free and check out the Lovers Market in Parramatta for a morning or afternoon of eating and shopping!

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