August 17, 2015

Bridal high tea at The Sebel, Windsor

High tea stand
Close up of petit fours
Goodie bag filled with fudge
The table
Coconut ice used to dress up the table and for the guests to enjoy

Cupcakes to take home
Guests were encouraged to share their best date idea for the future Mr and Mrs.

Centre piece
Each guest was given a tea bag cookie, the recipe found on Pinterest is from Not quite Nigella
Yesterday I spent the day at The Sebel in Windsor celebrating a dear friends bridal high tea.

Being one of the bridesmaids it was an exciting day. Arriving early the other bridesmaids and I helped the bride to be decorate the room with flowers, teacups and saucers and an assortment of sweets for the guests to take home.

The high tea package included a glass of bubbly, juice or soft drink, assorted sandwiches and wrap, a  curry puff, scones with jam and cream, petit fours and a selection of tea or coffee if preferred.

I choose an Organic Lady Grey tea which was quite nice.

To entertain the guests there were a number of games. 

Starting with a guessing competition, my guess of 72 teabags in the jar wasn't even close, there were only 43, which was a shame I would have loved to take home the jar filled with bags of T2's Melbourne Breakfast!

The next three games which we played seated required a pen, paper and brain power. A quiz on how well you know the bride, guess the movie quote and name the household items brought about many laughs. I regret not taking a photo of the household items to show you, some of them looked very strange indeed!

As the last game ended the tiers of food arrived and we got down to the serious business of eating, sipping tea and chatting. Before we knew it, it was time to play the last game, the ever most popular bridal shower game of dressing a few of the guests in a wedding dress made of toilet paper. Like the other games it brought on many laughs.

With plenty of left over food on the tiers and around the room, nobody left empty handed.

Overall it was a lovely day, the location with views of the Hawkesbury Valley was pretty, the privacy of having our own room away from other guests was great, the company and the food enjoyable! It was one of the best bridal showers I have been to!

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