August 24, 2015

Hello Fresh

Several weeks ago Mr FPL signed up for a trial of Hello Fresh. For the discounted price of $44 we received the Classic Food box (for omnivores) which contained three days of meals for two. 

One week later, delivered to our home was a box full of fresh produce (pictured below) and recipe cards.  

Looking through the recipe cards and expiry dates I choose to cook the dish with the prawns first, followed by the chicken dish and lastly the beef dish.

 Day One - Tom Yum Prawns and Vegetables

This dish was quite enjoyable, it was flavorsome. Adding twice the recommended amount of vegetables, in error, the dish contained a generous serving of vegetables, making it quite nutritious.

Day Two - Chicken enchilada's.

This dish was my least favourite, the main reason for this was the cut of chicken, which was chicken thigh. Having used all the capsicum the night before it was omitted from the filling, which was a shame. Portion wise there was a generous amount for two. It was unfortunate the cut wasn't breast and that I didn't have any capsicium left over as I believe this would have been an enjoyable dish.

Day Three - Baked potato's with mince and salad.

A dish I usually wouldn't cook, this meal was quite tasty and filling. Par boiling than baking the potatoes, followed by frying the mince and vegetables, I placed them on a bed of mixed leaves and topped with sour cream and cheese. Out of the three dishes this was my favourite.

Overall I found Hello Fresh to have both positives and negatives. Being a working mum with a toddler I tend to spend a lot of my spare time meal planning, shopping, preparing and cooking meals. Hello Fresh removes the need to plan and shop for evening meals. With the correct amount of portions there is also little wastage.

Looking at the ingredients and the time saved not needing to meal plan or shop I found the trial price of $44 for three meals reasonable, however at the full price of $69 it's a little too pricey for my budget.

Have you tried Hello Fresh or are you a regular user of Hello Fresh? What are your thoughts? Please share.