August 10, 2015

The Good Food and Wine Show, Sydney

Yesterday's food journey took the Fizzy Pink Lemonade household to the Good Food and Wine Show held at Sydney Olympic Park. 

Having been three years since I last attended I was amazed by how much the show had grown in size and crowd numbers. 

Starting from the entrance and slowly working our way through the crowd we spent about three and a half hours sampling and purchasing food, wine and condiments from various stalls.

What we ate:

Tapa's plate $13, Bella's Kitchen

Barramundi burger $10, Crown Street Fish Shop
Assorted arancini balls $10, Arancini Art
Assorted dumplings and Taiwanese chicken $5 each, Mrs Mi

Stalls of interest:

Berenberg stand

Yummia yoghurt, perfect for fussy kids, with fruit and veggies hidden inside!
Gabby approves of Yummia!

Roza's Gourmet sauces
Yum yum Ritter sports chocolates!
A selection of condiments and chocolates from the show
Overall it was an enjoyable day spent sampling various foods and drinks.

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