February 2, 2016

Australia Day - Baked, non baked and store bought morning tea

Lamington 'Raw' bliss ball

Damper filled with feta, spinach and parmesan
Jam filled lamingtons

Sorry for the late post, with a newborn and a toddler spare time is precious and it's only now a week later that I have found some time to share what I baked, didn't bake and bought for an Australia Day themed morning tea with the family.

Starting with the baked, I baked two small damper loaves filled with feta, parmesan and spinach. Using the Thermomix to knead the dough, as I can't stand doing it by hand, I split the dough into two and rolled it to resemble a rough looking square. Next I crumbled Danish feta, sprinkled parmesan cheese and placed a handful of baby spinach down the centre of the square. I than folded the sides over the filling and molded it into a loaf. After 25 minutes in a hot oven it was ready. Served warm with butter it didn't last long!

For the non baked component I made Lamington 'Raw' Bliss balls. I found the recipe on the Australian Thermomix recipe community website (link below). Made two days in advance and stored in the fridge prior to serving the balls remained fresh and moist. Filled with dates, nuts, sultanas and coconut I didn't feel guilty popping these balls into my mouth!


Last but not least, for the store bought, not bothered making lamingtons from scratch which can be time consuming and messy I bought a packet of lamingtons filled with jam. Costing $3.50 for six (Aldi) they were a bargain!

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