March 14, 2016

DIY Decorative Easter egg centrepiece

Whether it be decorating a hat for your child's Easter hat parade or painting a hollowed egg, Easter is a great time to get crafty. 

Recently I made the above Easter egg centerpiece. What I love about this centrepiece is that not only does it look pretty but it can be used to hold the eggs for an Easter egg hunt or as a reward (or bribery) for the kids!
The most difficult/time consuming part of constructing this centerpiece is placing the eggs on bamboo sticks. You will need chocolate eggs, bamboo skewers and ribbon.

Using the sharp end of the skewer gently twist it into the base of the egg and push through till it reaches the top of the egg, be careful not to pierce it through the other end.

Measure 30 cm of ribbon/s and cut.

Tie and knot the ribbon just below the egg.

If using two pieces of ribbon, tie a bow in the other piece.

If bows aren't your thing just tie and knot another piece of ribbon.

Individually place each egg and stick in a vase full of smaller chocolates.

To further enhance the Easter spirit I have placed a candle and bunny next to my centrepiece.


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