March 29, 2016

Easter fun, food and entertaining

The perfect combination
Baked Camembert, garlic and rosemary
Easter eggs ready for an Easter egg hunt
Bop along buddies for the kids to play with
Some nibbles
Gabby searching for eggs
Pesto and Parmesan crusted beans
Iceberg  lettuce with  buttermilk and chive dressing
Mr FPL and Gabby
A note, gifts and chocolates from the Easter bunny
Checking out the eggs
My little Easter bunny
Biscuits made and decorated by Mum
Another Easter egg hunt
Playing with some Easter eggs

Cooking, eating, entertaining, friends, family and Easter egg hunts is how I would sum up this Easter!

Starting on Good Friday and continuing into Easter Saturday Mr FPL and I spent most of our time in the kitchen. Over the two days we prepped and cooked prawn and coriander sliders, fish sliders, baked camembert, hommus, a duck lasagna, roast beef, smashed potatoes, pesto and parmesan crusted beans, iceberg salad and ice cream sandwiches. I am officially over cooking and eating!

On the Saturday afternoon/evening we had friends over, to entertain the kids we held an Easter egg hunt and a race on the bop along buddies I hired. For the adults we held an Easter quiz which resulted in some interesting answers for the last question - What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Sunday morning we awoke to chocolates and some presents from the Easter bunny, went to church, followed by brunch, afternoon tea and dinner at various family members homes. It was a very busy day!

By Easter Monday we were exhausted and spent a lazy day at home.

As busy as the weekend was, I had a lovely Easter which I would do all over again.

So what came first.... the chicken or the egg?

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