April 28, 2016

My balayage makeover

Before and After

Nervously awaiting the end result
Side shot
Freshly dyed and styled calls for a catch up with the girls
Date night with the husband
Heading to brunch
Off to the gym, by now I think it's time I washed my hair

Following first wash and DIY straighten

The magic stuff

Naturally having dark hair going lighter can be hard work. My first experience going light was about eighteen years ago when my friends and I discovered Sun In. We were addicted to the stuff, unfortunately for us it didn't take long for our hair to develop split ends and turn orange.

Over the years I have yo-yoed between light and dark, however after a long stint of being dark I decided it was time to try balayage, a French colouring technique applied by hand for a natural look.

As I sat in the hairdressers chair I was nervous, was my 'black boxed dye hair' as the hairdresser put it, going to take?

Three hours later, yes it is a long process, I was finally able to see the end result, a lighter 'natural' look which I loved!

Smiling from ear to ear I left the salon feeling like a new woman. Though, it has only been two weeks, I'm still loving my new do. Besides the usual shampoo and condition, once a week I place a blob the size of a fifty cent piece of  Olaplex hair perfector into my hair. Not only does this conditioner smell good but it maintains the colour and protects my hair.

My only dilemma now is, do I go lighter next visit or do I maintain my new colour ?