May 5, 2016

Criniti's tasting menu

The menu

Glass of Italian red

Mamma Criniti's Polpette
Bufala and Tomato Bruschetta
Rigatoni Calabrese
Azzuri Pizza
Grilled seafood plate
Lamb Spiedino, organic salt bush lamb skewer
Creme brulee with limoncello berries and almond biscotti
Cannoli with a side of gelato
A fan of Criniti's since my first taste back in 2007, I happily welcomed Mr FPL's suggestion of Criniti's for dinner a few weeks ago.

As we flipped through the menu our eyes larger than our stomaches led us to the tasting menu.

Offering four courses of Criniti's most popular dishes, the tasting menu is a great option if: a) you are a first timer b) an indecisive orderer or c) you just love your food.

Arriving in a timely manner, our dishes were fresh and tasty. If I had to choose a favourite it would be the Creme Brulee. Topped with berries and a thin sliver of almond biscotti the berries were refreshing to this heavy dessert.

Costing $59 per person the tasting menu is well priced. Would I order it again? Yes if part of a group, no if it's just Mr FPL for the sheer fact that it's a little too much food for me.

Have you experienced Criniti's Tasting menu? If you have, what are your thoughts, what was your favourite dish?