May 3, 2012

Betty Crockers - Whoopie Pies!

Earlier this week whilst in Coles picking up that one item that I desperately needed only to be distracted by the cheap and nasty junk food that is always on special I came across a half price item - Betty Crocker Whoopie Pies!! What?? I have heard of Whoopie pies however being extremely unfamiliar of what I assume is an American sweet I could not contain my excitement and had to grab a box, after all who could resist a $2.49 box of what looks like two chocolate cookies bound by vanilla cream!

I rarely buy cake mixes but figured the Whoopie pies should be easy enough to make if they are in a box, so tonight after a day at work, heading to the gym, then the supermarket, then back home to cook dinner and tidy the house I managed to make a batch of Whoopie Pies.

Making the pies was easy thanks to the main ingredients being pre-mixed, the hardest job was pulling the electric mixer out and figuring out how to get the lid on and off without jamming the lock!

I ended up being half a whoopie pie short which could have been avoided if the tablespoons of batter I placed on the trays were uniform.

With the whoopie pies in the oven and rapidly growing it was time for the vanilla filling, the steps state 'to mix until very thick and doubled in volume' I'm not too sure if it was my eyes (maybe I wasn't wearing my glasses) or the mixture but it appeared to be very thick however not doubled in volume, being impatient I thought it was good enough to use. Surprisingly there was enough filling however the filling didn't seem so thick.
Chocolate Whoopie pies

Once sandwiched together the final test was to taste the mysterious whoopie pie. My verdict was wow, tastes like a chocolate muffin with a slightly crunchy top and soft centre with a sweet filling. Out of ten I would rate my Whoopie pie a seven, which I think is fantastic for a first attempt. Next time I will try baking the Whoopie pies from scratch and will ensure the filling is a lot thicker!

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