June 9, 2012

L'etoile, Paddington

Happy long weekend everyone, so far the weekend has been good I had a cut and colour today and after a 20 year absence I now have a fringe.

Yesterday was my birthday, to celebrate I went to Manu Feildel restaurant. It was a surprise so I didn't have my camera with me, I took some photos on my phone (a very old Nokia) unfortunately the photos did not save to the usual folder so I don't have any photos to post : (

L'etoile is at Paddington, it is a small cosy restaurant. When we arrived Manu was at the bar speaking French to his staff, I was very surprised to see him, I was to shy to say hi and ask for a photo.

For entree I ordered the Cauliflower soup with Roquefort Tortellini. The soup was surprisingly large, it was a creamy soup. Unfortunately it was a tad too salty for my liking, the three roquefort tortellini's floating on top of the soup were beautiful!

The main I ordered was the Kingfish with parsnip puree, mushrooms and crushed hazelnuts and chestnuts. The fish was divine, the sides worked well with the fish. My husband ordered the rabbit. The rabbit was fantastic. We ordered a side of peas with bacon which was quite nice.

After the entree and main I was stuffed but could not say no to dessert. I love Creme brulee, the portion of Creme brulee was reasonable there was enough to share, I struggled to eat half of it.

Service was good, our glasses of wine and water were continuley topped up. The staff were friendly and the atmosphere was buzzing. Overall I would rate the entire experience an 8.75/10.

Tonight I am off to Italian for my birthday celebrations with my friends, can't wait!