July 7, 2012

Thai Spice, Stanhope Gardens

Located outside Stanhope Gardens shopping complex is Thai Spice a Thai restaurant popular with the locals. Thai Spice has been present in the area for 12 years, in total they have 7 different locations aound Sydney, 4 of these locations are under Noodle Hut.

The decor as you can see below consists of timber and bamboo furniture and dim lights. Corkage is $1.10 per person, beer is allowed. The restaurant was reasonably busy, consisting mainly families. We were seated in the far corner which was perfect for taking photos of the dishes.

The entertainment book voucher invites you and your guests to enjoy 25% off the total bill.

We ordered Gai Hor Bai Mai for entree - marinated chicken with herbs wrapped in bamboo leaves deep fried seared with Thai Spice mint sauce. Duck curry and from the specials menu a Scallop curry.

Entree - Gai Hor Bai Mai

Marinated chicken cooked inside bamboo

The entree was amazing, I can't remember the last time I had a piece of chicken that was so delicious! The entree contains 4 pieces of chicken and only costs $8.90, bargain!

Duck Curry

Scallop curry
The duck green curry was good, there was enough duck in the dish. The scallop curry which doesn't look so appealing was amazing, like the duck curry there were enough scallops in the curry, the flavours were great.

Overall I would rate Thai spice 8.5/10, the service was fine as expected for a suburban restaurant, the corkage which includes beer is great, the premises are modern and clean, the food is fantastic and the price of the dishes were reasonable. Our total bill including the discount was $46.30!