March 11, 2013

Chocolate truffle dessert


Happy Monday, I hope you all had a great day! Over the weekend I made an amazing decadent chocolate dessert from a recipe I found on (see recipe below).

It is fairly easy recipe which only requires 5 ingredients and doesn't take anymore than 20 minutes to prepare, the only downside is that it requires overnight to set.

The recipe suggests to use dessert moulds or souffle dishes with plastic wrap, I didn't feel like mucking around with moulds or souffle dishes so decided to pour the mixture straight into cocktail glasses.

I also choose not to serve with creme fraiche instead I opted for a macadamia nut biscuit, several blueberries and grated white chocolate.

250g dark chocolate
400ml thick cream
250gm ready made custard
2 tbs cocoa powder
creme fraiche, to serve

1. Place chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. When melted, set aside to cool slightly. Beat in custard and cream, folding until combined.

2. Line six 150ml round dessert moulds or souffle dishes with plastic wrap. Divide mixture between moulds and refrigerate at least 6 hours.

3. When ready to serve, unmould onto serving plates, dust tops with cocoa powder and serve with a dollop of creme fraiche.

This is a perfect recipe for a dinner party as it can be prepared in advanced and is fairly inexpensive.