May 11, 2013

High tea at the Hills Lodge, Castle Hill

Today my mum, grandmother and I celebrated Mother's Day (one day early) at the Hills Lodge in Castle Hill.

Being my third high tea for the year I was looking forward to seeing what the Hills lodge had to offer.

We choose the Classic package which included a glass of sparkling wine, tea and high tea stand. We were seated at a round table next to a window with a view of one of the traditional gardens. To my delight various Royal Doulton tea cups, saucers and plates were placed on the table.

A glass of sparkling wine or non alcoholic drink was served almost immediately, shortly followed by a selection of yummy treats.

We started on the bottom and worked our way up. The bottom tier contained two types of quiches and an assortment of sandwiches. Mini scones sat on the middle tier followed by a decadent top layer containing  macaroons, miniature Portuguese tart, lemon meringue, chocolate brownie, apple crumble to name a few.

Overall we had a nice time, my favorite was the vegetarian quiche. The only thing I would fault would be the selection of tea, despite enjoying my cup of English breakfast I would have preferred a more exotic blend of tea which didn't seem to be on the menu.