September 29, 2013

Easy pikelets with nutella and strawberries


Happy Sunday all! I hope you have had a great weekend so far. Mine has been busy with the usual weekend chores, lawn bowls and dinner with family yesterday mixed in with some gardening here and there.

The keep my strength up I cooked some yummy pikelets this morning which I topped with nutella, strawberries and a little ice cream!

Pikelets recipe:

150g self raising flour
1 tablespoon caster sugar
1 egg
3/4 cup milk
Butter to add to fry pan

1. Add 1 tablespoon of butter to a fry pan set on medium heat and melt.
2. Add flour and caster sugar to a bowl and make a well in the centre.
3. Add egg and butter and mix until all ingredients have combined and there are no lumps.
4. Slowly pour the batter (approx 1-2 tablespoons) into the hot frypan, repeat however make sure you don't overcrowd the fry pan.
5. Once bubbles start to form flip the pikelets over, after 1-2 minutes remove the pikelets and add to a plate.
6. Serve with an assortment of toppings i.e. butter, maple syrup, jam, nutella, cream...
7. Enjoy!

September 1, 2013

Onion and bacon tart with parmesan cream


Last Saturday night my parents and mother and father in law came over for dinner. When we have guests over I like to serve three courses. I enjoy planning what I will serve by looking through recipe books and on the internet for recipes that I usually wouldn't cook throughout the week.

For entree I decided to cook an onion and bacon tart with a parmesan cream sauce which I found in the 'Delicous. more please' cook book which I recently purchased. The cook book is full of recipes perfect for entertaining.

Rather than make one large circular tart like the recipe suggests I decided to make individual square tarts by cutting one sheet of puff pastry into quarters and adding the already cooked and cooled mixture of four sliced onions which had been softened and caramelised in two tablespoons of brown sugar and balsamic vinegar.

To ensure the onions didn't hang from the edges I formed a one cm border around the edges using extra puff pastry. I than topped the tarts with some thinly sliced bacon and seasoned with salt and pepper. I brushed the border of puff pastry with a beaten egg.

Once in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes I prepared the parmesan cream. I melted 20g butter in a saucepan and added four thinly sliced spring onions. Once soft I added 100ml of thickened cream and simmered, I than stired in 100gm grated parmesan and seasoned with salt and pepper.  Once cooled I pureed the sauce in the blender and poured into a jug to reheat just before use.

Being my first attempt at this recipe I was happy with the result, everybody loved the tart and the parmesan cream. Next time I am wanting to serve canapes I will use the same recipe however cut the puff pastry into  mini tarts.