December 28, 2013

Kit Kat Cake

After months of admiring the Kit Kat cake which everyone seems to be making I finally decided to make one of my own. My first attempt was a fail the sponge I made from scratch was dry and inedible. Not wanting to make the same mistake again I decided to use a sponge cake mix the second time around, luckily the sponge was moist and edible!

Below are the ingredients and steps required to make the cake. It is easy to make and well worth the ohh's and ahh's you will receive as you serve it to your loved ones.

Step 1 - Prepare and bake the Sponge cake:

I used Duncan Hines Classic Devil's food cake mix which required 1 cup of water, 1/3 cup of vegetable oil and 3 eggs. Once the cake had cooled I split the cake into two and spread the below ganache before rejoining the cake.

Step 2 - Chocolate ganache:

I melted 100g of milk chocolate in a bowl and added 50ml of light cream and set in the fridge before spreading onto the cooled sponge.

Step 3 - Chocolate icing:

I whipped 100g of softened butter, 250g of icing sugar, 25g of cocoa and 50ml milk in my electric mixer. Once all ingredients had combined and formed a thick, creamy icing I spread the icing on top and around the sides of the sponge.

Step 4 - Decorate the cake:

Stick pieces of Kit Kat around the side of the sponge, the icing acts as a glue. Top the cake with M&M's. Tie a ribbon around the cake.

Step 5 - After admiring the cake eat a slice or two!