September 16, 2014

No bake Malteser slice

About two weeks ago I stumbled across a yummy looking pin, the Malteser slice. As sad as it sounds I have been thinking of this slice everyday and have been trying to find a reason to make it.

With an invitation to attend a shoe party, yes a shoe party kind of like Tupperware but shoes, I finally had the perfect excuse.

There are many Maltese slice recipes online, I didn't have the exact ingredients or quantities some of the recipes required and had to improvise. Below is my adapted recipe.

  • Recipe updated 13/9/15


155g Maltesers
150g Marie biscuits
150g Choc ripple biscuits
1 cup Rice bubbles
125g butter
397g tin condensed milk
2 tbsp cocoa
200g white chocolate
1 tbsp copha
1- 2 squares of chocolate


1. Line a baking tray (25cmx15cm) with baking paper.
2. Chop Maltesers in half and add to a bowl, reserve for later.
3. Crush biscuits into 1-2cm pieces and place in a large bowl along with the rice bubbles.
4. Place butter, condensed milk and cocoa in a small pot and heat until butter has melted.
5. Remove from heat and pour into biscuit/rice bubble bowl, mix until all ingredients have combined.
Note: If the mixture is too runny add more rice bubbles.
6. Press mixture into baking tray.
7. Melt white chocolate and copha.
8. Pour and spread melted chocolate over the top of slice.
9. Press the Maltesers into the white chocolate and finish by grating a square of chocolate over the slice.
10. Place slice in the fridge to set.

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