February 16, 2015

Mister Gee burger truck, Burwood

This Valentine's Day Mr FPL surprised me with dinner at the Mister Gee burger truck. Whilst it may sound  unromantic to some, after weeks of seeing Mister Gee burgers and fries pop up on my Instagram feed I was quite excited to spend part of the most romantic day of the year sitting on a crate outside a car wash eating burgers and fries.

Not wanting to miss out we left the Botanic Gardens in Sydney, where we had a picnic lunch earlier that afternoon, at five. Arriving around five thirty at the car wash located on 55c Shaftesbury Road, Burwood we spotted the truck. Being one of the first customers to arrive we managed to score a makeshift table and a couple of stools. Quickly the area filled up with young couples and families. By six o'clock there was a line of at least thirty.

On the menu was the Fat boy burger ($10), dirty fries ($5) and the baklava shake ($6), we ordered two of each. The burger was fantastic, the brioche bun crisp on the outside, soft inside with just a hint of sweetness was perfect, the patty was smokey and the cheese perfectly melted. The dirty fries seasoned and topped with diced tomato, cheese and mayo were moreish, the best fries I have ever tried I polished off the entire serve. The baklava shake was yummy, the hit of chunks of baklava a third of my way into it was great!

My tip, make sure you arrive early as they do sell out and try all items on the menu!

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