December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015 highlights

Mummy/daughter personalised nutella jars
George Calombaris Garden pea, cauliflower, almond and lemon salad
Donna Hay White chocolate and raspberry trifle
Family shot - Me: Queen Bee maternity dress, Gabby: Milkshake dress
Puff pastry and pesto Christmas tree made by my mum

Happy Boxing day all, I hope you had a lovely Christmas! 

With lots of events leading up to Christmas it was a little hectic however come Christmas Eve/Christmas Day I finally felt I could relax. 

Highlights this year (not in any order) included:
  • Gabby's reaction to Santa, twenty shots later we finally got a half decent photo.
  • Lots of eating and cooking. Christmas lunch with work colleagues at The Emporium Parramatta was fantastic!
  • George Calombaris Garden peas, cauliflower, almond and lemon salad.
  • Donna Hay's white chocolate and raspberry trifle..
  • A Thomas Sabo pendant and long chain (pictured above) and a personalised jar of Nutella. 
  • Catching up with family and friends.
  • Decorating the house.
What were your highlights?

December 23, 2015

DIY Christmas lolly bags

If you love to get a little creative over Christmas but don't have the time to bake or make home made sweets than this DIY Christmas lolly bag is perfect for you.

Using paper bags which include seal stickers plus an assortment of chocolates and lollies I filled and sealed twenty bags in no time.

Of course if you have the time for baking these bags can be filled with baked goods, just remember to wrap the goods in baking paper if they are a little messy!

Paper lolly bags from Kikki K
Assortment of chocolates and lollies
Filling the bags
Bags sealed and ready to hand out

December 12, 2015

Char Char food truck

Reading whilst we waited
Burger, shake and fries
The original burger
Gabby loved the shake
Bump, burger and fries

Hearing about the Char Char food truck through a tagged post on Instagram, thanks @sweetandyummie,
yesterday evening Gabby and I headed to the truck which was parked in the Norwest Marketplace car park.

Arriving around 5:30pm, thirty minutes before service was to start I joined the queue of about thirty people, ranging from young teens to families. As we waited for service to begin at six the queue grew, it was hard to tell if the reason for such a long queue was due to the free burgers and ribs on offer or the excitement of a food truck in The Hills.

Choosing the burger over the ribs I also ordered a side of fries and a crunchy shake, $5 each.

The burger on offer, the 'Original burger' contained a meat patty, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and tomato sauce. The patty stood out, it was thick, juicy and full of flavour. The shoestring fries seasoned with plenty of salt were naked, finding a bottle of tomato and barbecue sauce, I topped mine with tomato sauce. The crunch in the Crunchy shake sat towards the bottom  making the last few sips enjoyable.

If you missed out, don't fret I have been told the truck will be back every Friday at Norwest Marketplace.

December 7, 2015

Wolfe and Co, Dural

Baby chino
Creme brulee French toast with a baked yellow peach, raspberry ricotta, honey and white wine syrup
The Works Brekkie Burger, chipotle, scrambled egg, bacon, onion rings, hash brown and pickled jalapeno on a milk bun.
Kids pancake
New to the cafe scene in the Hills District is Wolfe and Co which is located on Old Northern Road, Dural, near the shops at Round Corner.

Popping in shortly after it opened yesterday morning for breakfast, we had the choice of sitting inside or outside. With a messy toddler we choose outside.

Feeling like something sweet I ordered the French toast. Mr FPL choose The Works Brekkie burger, after seeing a pic of it on Instagram earlier that morning. Gabby had the kids pancake which we helped her eat!

To drink we ordered our usual coffees and a baby chino. I was pleased to see there was no extra charge for decaf or the baby chino.

Our dishes beautifully presented, tasted just as good. With other appetizing items on the menu I'm sure we will back in the near future.

538 Old Northern Road
Dural, NSW

December 4, 2015

Nutella milkshake without the bells and whistles

Everyone seems to be going nuts for milkshakes at the moment, especially crazy milkshakes, I'm talking about the milkshakes topped with donuts, cream , pretzels, chocolate and some sort of sticky syrup.

If you are watching your waist, ha ha not that this is a skinny version, and are happy to skip the extras than try this easy peasy nutella milkshake I whipped up in no time.


125g ice
100g vanilla ice cream
450ml milk
100g nutella

1. Place all ingredients in a Thermomix or blender.
2. If using a Thermomix set at speed 10, if using a blender the setting strong enough to crush the ice and blend for 15 seconds.
3. Pour into a glass and enjoy.

Serves 2.